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Arduino Controller Pro

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This is the pro version of the Arduino Controller Android App .Now it is possible to build your own customized arduino app!! • To use this application you need an arduino with ethernet shield connected to your router • Download the example sketch from the support forum and upload it to the arduino • Import an Example to one of the eight profiles • Set the IP of your Arduino device in the settings screen • The IP can be found in the serial monitor. The port is "80" by default • Edit the button text and the data strings in program mode • Optionally you can set the application name like -My House- and set the profile names for your projects like -arduino alarm- or -heat pump-
Now your Arduino controller is all set!
Sending commands to your arduino can be done in two ways, first you have 30 buttons with a text label that you can set in the settings screen. So the text on the buttons can be "on, off, up, down, 1,2, etc..." whatever you like. When the text labels are left empty, the buttons won't be visible in the main screen. The command to be send to the arduino can be set in the settings screen as well. The strings to send you can simply set "1,2,3,4,a,b,c, etc". When you hit a button it will send a GET request in the following format: "http://yourIPorURL:yourPort/?String" , "". In the arduino you can retrieve the string that comes after the questionmark "?" and send back a simple html line that will show up in the browser view on the phone.The second way to send data to your arduino is done with the two text boxes on the main screen. This you can use to send the textbox values like "1365, 12,5, 2,57 (max. 4 digits)" to set things like "temperature, time, speed, etc". In the settings screen you can set a prefix that will be send before the actual value. When you hit the send button it will send a GET request in the following format:"http://yourip:yourport/?prefixvalue" , "".I hope you can use this app in your arduino project and please let me know what you use it for.If you have recommendations, found any bugs, or need extra buttons, please let me know as well.When you like it please give it a 5 star rating on google play.The arduino example sketch can be downloaded here Forum:,127770.0.html
Permissions:android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEused to detect Wifi or mobile connectionandroid.permission.INTERNETGuess :-)android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEUsed to import profiles from SD cardandroid.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEUsed to export profiles to SD card